Thank you for considering to purchase "Immersive Explorer Premium"

The Premium edition of Immersive Explorer offers the following benefits over the free edition:

- No offline expiration
- Tabs support
- Ability to submit a request for new features on the Feedback page and vote for the requested features that interest you the most (coming soon)

Purchase options:

 Price (in US Dollars):
1 computer/tablet : $5.99
3 computers/tablets : $7.99
Unlimited "family & friends" computers/tablets: $14.99

The "Unlimited family & friends" license allows you to install Immersive Explorer Premium on as many devices as you want, whether it’s your devices, or devices belonging to a member of your family or a friend. An activation code needs to be generated for each device. Distributing activation codes online to unknown people is not allowed. Reselling activation codes obtained through this license is not allowed.

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Licenses can be purchased using Paypal, or a Credit Card (no Paypal account required):

Immersive Explorer Premium