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Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock screenshotA digital alarm clock which provides an animated visual feedback when alarm triggers. Includes a five colors choice. You can also choose what sound must be played.
Working languages: english, french.

- alarm sound can be repeated
- am/pm or 24h format can be selected manually

Comments about Alarm Clock


Mordino - 2015/02/17 15:35
Please make a font color selector, I need more contrast.

maybe a repeat with 7 workdays, so i can it only enable mo-fr 7.00
Meredith Rhule - 2014/11/18 09:25
I have been on computers since they started in 1978 (TI-994A). Yes, I have seen them all. This clock is a classic. It looks great, and the alarm is sweet and simple with plenty of variety, if you need it. This is a very good product!
Dinobot - 2014/11/09 23:31
Thanks! Just what I needed.
Rags - 2014/10/15 17:26
Have task to do - Can I set alarm for 15 min interval
Francesco - 2014/10/12 20:21
I think the clock is too small. Better a clock larger!
Khan - 2014/09/30 12:40
Lupig_Sila - 2014/07/11 14:00
Thanks... Really Helpful...
restronger - 2014/02/09 06:02
well done.
i like it.thank you.
Me2 - 2014/01/22 14:59
Heads up found an issue.
If you uninstall the windows feature \"Windows Media Player\", this app will stop working. Or at least it will no longer show the time. The alarm may or may not go off, but the time will not be shown.
So if your clock shows up with no time go to start-> control panel -> programs and features. On the left hand side select \"Turn Windows features on or off\". Check(enable) \"Windows Media Player\", which is found under \"Media Features\"
meryeme - 2013/12/21 19:34
thanks son much !
Ca m'a bcp aidé :)
phxfif - 2013/12/21 05:22
im using it for a great morning start!
Lobo - 2013/12/05 16:32
Used this as my main wake up alarm clock on Vista.
Its one of the few ones that lets you pick your mp3 file and doesnt mess about with the volume etc. Aka, it wakes you up!

The great thing about this is that after installing 8GadgetPack (Google it) on Windows 8. This Alarm clock gadget works as well.
richard atvac - 2013/09/13 07:13
I like the alarm clock very much ! but is it possible to have more an alarm setting?
Because I need an alarm to wake me up at 13:00, and another one to get off work at 18:00.
velu - 2013/08/17 13:35
it's great! Thank u very much.
Willis - 2013/08/08 05:26
Yea uhm...where\'s the freakin download? Just a bunch of adware and spyware and codec crap saying download. Have some pride.
mars - 2013/07/27 05:28
i use and like this watch / alarm

it wwould be great if you could also choose to on/off the alarm by day of week

sleeper - 2013/07/13 07:25
can u make a new background as glass instead of having color like the window 7 aero interface
Dmitriy - 2013/06/24 19:01
Thanks! but now i use atomic alarm clock from
Dani - 2013/06/16 22:26
thanks looks really good!

Just a short idea, maybe if press two times 10min the time could go to 20min?

So than would be only needed 1/5/10/30/1h for e.g. and it would be really usefull.

I hope you understand what I would like to say. :)

Laughing Spam - 2013/05/04 23:43
Thank you for providing the single most useful and use rfriendly gadget currently available. You rock!
user523546243 - 2013/04/30 17:34
Great gaget, thanks! Would be nice to have option to display date as well. Also may be a good idea to have a short and wide (looong rectangle) layout to fit over title bars of the windows.
Laurie - 2013/04/24 01:00
Good job on the alarm clock. Unbelievable how difficult it is to find something small and simplisticly sleek on the web. Agree with the previous comments that this is a nice gadget indeed.

I wanted to ask if you could increase the "Ring in x minutes" default times to 45 minutes? Currently it only goes up to 30 minutes.

Otherwise again, keep up the good work.

S.G - 2013/04/14 19:04
Hi ich will auch dir ein Lob aussprechen dein Wecker ist was richtig gutes !

Ich habe auch schon öfters das Net durchsucht habe aber nur langweilige Scheiße gefunden , aber dein Wecker ist richtig gut geworden und sogar mit Alarm das habe ich bis jetzt noch nicht gefunden .

Bitte entschuldige ich hatte die falsche Taste zuvor erwischt .

Eine Frage habe ich auch noch ,ist es dir möglich für deine Gadgets auch ein Sprachpacket in Deutsch bereit zu stellen dann lies es sich auch bei Älteren Menschen einsetzen ?

Danke und Gut gemacht !!!
Gruß: S.G
RaOH - 2013/03/31 05:03
Thanks for this very handy gadget. I love this.

However I've a problem and cannot use the alarm function.

Windows7 Ultimate 32
Alarm Clock 1.3.1

I've used this gadget for more than 2 years without problem.
However since installation of IE 10, "OK" and "Cancel" buttons are unable to see at "flyout" or alarm settings screen.

I can see up to "hour", "Minutes" and "seconds" settings and its underneath line".

It seems flyout screen is bigger and it squeezes (moved) out bottom part from the screen.
I've checked "core.js" but I could not figure it out.

Does someone help me to fix this issue?
Berg - 2013/04/04 12:30
Same here. Since one of the latest windows updates i only see a blank icon without the numbers of the time or alert.
BR - 2013/02/28 21:55
Followup to earlier post: I was able to modify the core.js file to make the color and sound file the defaults I wanted, but I also want to make "don't show seconds" a default, but can't see how to do this. Any help would be appreciated!
BR - 2013/03/01 20:24
Figured it out -- thanks again for a great gadget!!
BR - 2013/02/28 21:01
This alarm clock is perfect! Small and simple! Just one request: is there a way to permanently change the default options (color and alarm sound)? I do not use the clock all the time; when I do use it, I can change the options, but then when I restart it, it goes back to the default.
M0B33R - 2013/02/17 05:31
This is the best Alarm Clock I've used. And I`ve used a few, free and paid for versions. There are just way to many bells and whistles with the others I`ve tried. This one is perfect, for my needs anyway. So Thanks for ssharing and good job. A few more colors to the Alarm Clock settings would be nice.
Idex - 2013/02/10 20:25
This clock is very nice. Can you include a default alarm sound to it. I have made a smal wave sound if you need one, that would be great and very handy. Thanks
Lonn - 2013/01/26 16:57
After installing some Windows Updates, this gadget stopped working. Anyone experiencing this too? I really loved this clock.
Cristobal - 2013/01/19 17:26
A new update could be adding more alarms. The classic main alarm and some small alarms below the main one.

something like this...

| |
| 9 : 0 0 |
| 12:30 |
| 14:61 |

Uknown - 2013/01/06 13:46
Nice job mate!
Jason Clifton - 2013/01/06 06:28
Been using this for a year, had to reload my hard drive....Came back to download it and the link is broken....why? Can you please fix it? Thanks in advance,
allen04 - 2012/11/11 14:09
simple yet very very useful. must download if you want a simple clock that has an alarm.
for me..it is better than the default windows7 clock gadget because of its simplicity, size and alarm feature.
it would be better if it would have more colors.and the alarm not showed in the clock. but i'm satisfied with this :)
Bach - 2012/10/27 05:00
It is very useful! Thank you very much! But my PC always auto sleep to keep saving energy, I want it run on Sleep mode,wake up PC on time and Alarm! Thank again!
Edwin - 2012/10/26 09:43
I wish that you can put an option on changing the color of the time differently with background so that you can enhance the color of the time base on your background color. Regards,
Scott M - 2012/10/11 12:21
Cannot set a PM time - it reverts back to the AM time
Tadas - 2012/10/24 18:50
Hi Scott, mine works fine. Maybe you do something wrong?
Kharma - 2012/10/31 17:30
It's set to 24hr Clock pm goes from 12:00 to 23:59... hope this helps
kuku - 2012/10/02 22:50
Awesome gadget! Can u please include a black (orbmu2k) color for it? Thank u
Csilla - 2012/09/30 04:17
I quote, "NEW VERSION:
- alarm sound can be repeated"
Can someone tell me, how to turn this feature on?
Allycat - 2012/10/08 15:08
If you still need to know how to repeat the alarm clock click the wrench and it comes up with options.
Maz - 2012/09/16 20:30
This is great! Thanks very much.
Rus - 2012/09/11 18:44
Great app! unobtrusive - just what I needed - Thanks!!
ludooo - 2012/09/09 19:14
Very good gadget, really the best I have had the opportunity to test this day, and the more simple, and complete! Good luck. Sincerely ludooo
Jefferson - 2012/09/09 08:05
Guys I'm having a problem and when I click to install any gandjet and from these I unspecified error if anyone knows how to fix please tell me ok thanks.
DennisD - 2012/09/03 02:23
Love the gadget, have it positioned under a University of Alabama widget skined in the red, looks great,have the alarm ring set to the U of A fight song. Use the alarm all the time.....thanks again
denis_1974 - 2012/08/29 00:04
Great but where to set the date?

Venki - 2012/08/26 11:24
Nice one really helpfull.Excellent work.
Cissy - 2012/08/06 00:21
I adore the alarm clock! It is very useful! Excellent work!! Thank you!
Andre Wiesemann - 2012/07/30 12:33
Thank you for this fantastic digital clock for the desktop. However, for the last few days there seems to be a STRANGE BUG. Whenever I open the gadget I only see a BLACK SQUARE on my desktop where formerly the time was displayed. It worked fine until a few days ago. I installed AVG link scanner since. Could this be the problem? Re-installing your clock didn't help and I read in your reply section that someone else is having the same problem. Everything else works perfectly on my computer. My PC is Acer with Win7 Home Premium 64bit. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Andre Wiesemann
Claudio - 2013/01/18 20:11
I have the same problem: "Whenever I open the gadget I only see a BLACK SQUARE on my desktop where formerly the time was displayed.".
You solved it?
Baltazar - 2013/02/03 18:16
Same here. Black square.
Mr.gfc - 2012/07/25 05:22
I'd like to see the ability to set different time-zones to them when you have more than one on your desktop.
I provide customer service via ventrilo and it would be nice to be able to see what time it is in different places without having to hover my mouse of the clock in the corner.
kdo2milger - 2012/07/24 21:26
Great Gadget!!! and I can play my own wake up music :) very pleased!
Salo - 2012/07/15 12:28
I've been using your alarm gadget for years and I love it! Selecting your own tracks for the alarm was a godsend and I still use it on the Windows 8 Release Preview. Unfortunately Gadget support (sidebar.exe) will be removed in the RTM of Windows 8. It would be wonderful if you could port your gadget to a metro app. Have you considered it? I'd love having this in metro form on my desktop and also on the Microsoft Surface when it comes out.
ShreDaPaw - 2012/07/07 08:45
HOw about Multiple alarm times, That is the only thing I want that this does not have. (or just a way to install this app multiple times that works too, and i have not tried that yet).

If i could set multiple alarms, with or without being able to set different sounds for each that would be great.
Natasha - 2012/07/06 02:04
thanks alot i just loved.
Reiko - 2012/07/04 03:34
Hi! Thanks for this gadget. So much appreciate this. :)

Bill Goss - 2012/07/04 00:22
Thank you! Just what I needed on my Windows 7 PC.
Sekhar - 2012/06/22 19:00
Can't set alarm when installed on Windows 2008 R2 Server.
darek334 - 2012/06/21 11:30
Hi, I have strange bug, from some time I have black square nothing else, action of setting alarm works but main square is black, I don't know how fix it, sys win 7 ultimate 32 bit, fresh install etc every works fine...
Mark Russell - 2012/06/19 23:12
This is a great usable app. But I would like to be able to change the time on the application because I do a lot of traveling to other time zones in the world. Can you create a version that does that?

lv2bsnwbrdn - 2012/06/14 23:32
Thx for creating this desktop app! Works flawlessly!
=:Mustang: - 2012/06/14 16:58
You need to create a small tab next to download button up there, which directs to F.A.Q's alot of ppl seem to ask same questions . I keep checking your site time to time from the past 2-3 years dont remem.. just to see what all new stuffs u brought up
Rod C. Venger - 2012/06/13 22:42
Thanks for the gadget, man. Do you have one for an I7 core?
Ann - 2012/06/09 21:54
HI! Not sure if it was asked already..
Will alarm ring if the laptop is in hibernating state?
=:Mustang: - 2012/06/14 16:41
no alarm wont ring if its in hyb mode, so if ur on laptop i suggets u go to power settings and disable sleep and hyberating when the chord is connected. this shud prevent the laptop from going into hybernating when u close the lid, but will switch off the monitor light.
Fitri - 2012/06/06 18:39
simple & perfect!!!... :^).
Emil - 2012/06/03 14:56
this is great gadjet,but i give you one idea. Make possible to use seconds(ring every 10,20,30sec...1:10,1:20,1:30...).it will be very useful for fitness,cooking and other purposes.I can't find in the net gadjet like count in seconds.
BobC - 2012/05/31 00:59
JIC, everyone -- you can get excellent quality messages for this gadget by

1-- get a text-to-speech ap on web or PC+
2-- calibrate volume as necessary
3-- send the T2S-out(spkr-out) to your Mic-in (using MS-Recorder)
4-- record a large variety of alarm files that self-define

0-- other user-sourced messages are possible, too, via recorder

Jeff Keister - 2012/05/25 15:05
Thanks for making this. Can you please allow to set the "alarm clock" time independent of the system clock? this would be most handy for traveling.
=:Mustang: - 2012/06/14 16:45
No i dont like that idea, for travel thers other travel clocks which are independant.
this is what i recomend for world time clock,
Juliens gadget is the perfect alarm gadget. and it needs to stay that way
Trambalan - 2012/05/18 15:41
Salut, depuis le temps où je cherche une alarme simple efficace, et sous forme de gadget bureau, voilà ce que j'appelle du bon travail! merci et continuez à programmer.
dickygee - 2012/05/18 05:56
Perfect, exactly what I needed. Thanks so much.
ASP0119 - 2012/05/15 21:19
This is by far the best on-line alarm clock that I have come across!

Antew - 2012/05/04 22:04
Today I lost my phone, and i was worried not to sleep till 9 in the morning coz i had no alarm clock. I only have my laptop with me. And I got this gadget. It is an oasis for me.

Love it! Its a stunning work!

Thank you so much!!! thank you for the thinking!
Thibdey - 2012/04/28 07:14
I love this Alarm Clock cuz It can make me know the time I limit to do anything else. This is the first time than I can see alarm clock for PC. I really love it very much.
Darek B - 2012/04/19 15:06
Yours Alarm Clock is the best at this time better from this:
http://alarm.softonic.pl/ etc....
but please consider my suggestion, about possibility running alarm sound from buzzer of motherboard it is very important because some times sound card could be damaged or sometimes we can forget turn on speaker or, it is very often sometimes windows sound is mute or the sound in computer is disabled from many other often reasons, and in thats case the alarm from alarm clock will be inaudible, and it is very dangerous and important because then becomes tragedy and milk will be boils over :)....

If you can add time with date to GUI it will be very nice because then Alarm Clock could change original clock from system, and my suggestion is add date with name of day of the week, day in numeric form, name of month and in the best way it will be fine if user could set form of appearance date like on this site:


thx for nice Alarm Clock Gadget Darek
=:Mustang: - 2012/06/14 16:51
i can understand what you mean.
However there can be cases where the power output might fail, battery of laptop damage etc etc. so would one suggest to him to make a hardware also??

i donot think this is anything constructive.
its more like wastage of time. and is a feature not many ppl will use.

about the independant clock with date etc etc.
while a big date gadget with time is always likeable on a big monitor. or maybe a gadget that lets u resize will be even better.
but it needs to be as simple as possible. I use one gadget from rainmeter for that

for your time requirements i can suggest http://www.worldtimeserver.com/clocks/ simple tools and looks good with juliens gadget
Tori - 2012/06/23 18:39
How about one that vibrates to the screen you\'re on, that comes up to the front window.
Daviddavid - 2012/04/15 03:53
I speak French.
Grand merci.
Je te conseil d\'augmenter le nombre de musics integrables au reveil.
nina - 2012/04/23 18:16
je parle francais aussi...
suresh ballala - 2012/04/14 18:37
this alarm is nice , i am using this daily , completely satisfied with its performance except one thing , this alarm will not work if your laptop is off.
LOL - 2012/05/11 23:02
You don't say?
Nahla - 2012/04/03 08:17
Hi, nice alarm clock. But I got one problem with it. I can't "move" it. It's stuck in the upper left corner of my screen. I want to put anywhere I want it. I tried right-click, then "move", but it won't budge at all! Any help would be nice.
rike - 2012/04/15 19:47
on the right side are 3 options; the option down, iff you put your mouse on it, you can move the gadget.....I hope you understand, i,m from holland!!
livia - 2012/04/02 17:06
Great idea, great outcome :) I would just love the option, if you could use the built-in windows palette to choose colours, like the one in the theme editor, or at least 16/32 colours to choose from - I'm a design addict, and I surely can't be the only one :)
stepforward - 2012/03/28 23:29
I just want to thank you for your Alarm Clock widget! It's simple and awesome ;)
riichard ragona - 2012/03/17 05:43
unable to set alarm times windows 7 sp1 no good
shaheed - 2012/03/13 17:04
put this on github or something. I wanna help with it.
Amanda T. - 2012/03/12 08:02
Using W7Pro, when click on \\\"Show Desktop\\\" in Taskbar, the gadget disappears! Not good - Time for an update... :-(
tyler - 2012/03/08 22:26
can you make it so that you can put in different alarms at different times? thanks.
BobC - 2012/05/31 02:17
(You can get multiple instances of this gadget for times + alarms).
BobC - 2012/05/31 01:23
That's true -- I now need more than one of these. Maybe an adjustible params file could be deployed to magnify capabilities.
BW - 2012/03/07 22:48
This is awesome! If you are still taking feature requests I would love it if you could make the alarm recurring; so it could ring every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, etc. i n an infitine loop. I have tasks to perform every 15 minutes and this would make an awesome reminder. I programmed a similar app in college to ring every minute, so we could play "shot a minute" :)
Peter Atsal - 2012/03/10 18:26
Hey, I know this was years ago, but have you found an alarm clock that will ring at intervals? I also would like an app that rings every half hour, but it amazes me that this is hard to find. Thanks
Guyj - 2012/02/27 04:47
I attached a very nice mp3 of the westminster abby bells chiming for my alarm. It is a very pleasant alarm to wake up too. If you have this alarm on a laptop then you can adjust the power settings for the behavior to \"Do Nothing\" when the lid is closed on attached power. This allows the alarm to work in the background while the lid is closed so the LCD screen does not keep you awake at night.

It would be nice to choose multiple alarms and be able to attach different sound files for each alarm. Then I would be able to add a grandfather clock chime at the top of each hour. <grin>
Monique - 2012/02/23 07:21
THANK YOU for making this!!! It's completely stupid that Microsoft doesn't include an alarm clock in their standard desktop gadgets - you should pitch yours to them.
Kortex - 2012/02/21 07:10
Excellent, just awesome. thx
JDSanders - 2012/02/18 23:43
You should add the ability to select the day(s) that the alarm will fire. Like I want to have the alarm fire Monday thru Friday but not on Saturday or Sunday.
Gary R. - 2012/02/17 08:21
How long do the silly lights flash before they stop? I left it going for 15 mins. before killing it. Is there any way to turn them off?
luc - 2012/02/23 21:19
i do not think so
Mr.F - 2012/02/19 06:56
The lights stay on until you click on the clock.

Unrelated tweak:
It is possible to remove the gloss effect by resizing the mask.png to 1 pixel by 1 pixel. http://www.hsvpcrepair.com/
Gary R. - 2012/02/17 06:30
This is a great gadget and almost perfect. I've been looking for an alarm clock for a little while but what I really need is one that can do an alarm "on the hour" or one that repeats every hour at a particular time. If either of those options can be added (on the hour would obviously be simpler) then it would be prefect for what I need.

It also looks great and takes up less space than the Windows clock. So I think I'll replace their calendar with yours too.
enHive - 2012/02/15 01:26
Okay seriously. This Gadget is amazing! Love it and it has saved me countless times. You are the man for developing such an indispensible tool.
G.was.here - 2012/02/11 13:19
loved to core of heart...why don\\\'t you go for reminder gadget too..!!!!
sqp - 2012/02/01 11:45
Cool gadget. I installed it and it's great. i only wish it could work even if the computer is off.
=:Mustang: - 2012/06/14 16:56
you can use your systems bios settings to make the pc start up 1 hour before you need to wake up, and as the system starts it loads the gadgets, your alarm shud ring in at the time.
this way u can conserver power :p
Sujit Ghatak - 2012/02/05 11:36
lovely alarm Clock. It is Very Good. Keep it Up
Japie - 2012/01/30 13:34
Just installed the new version of the alarm clock.It is fantastic.
thank you. just the upgrades i was thinking about.
herm - 2012/01/26 20:03
I installed the Alarm Clock. It showed up in the corner of my screen. I tested it. I worked, (but very quiet). I tried to move the clock icon. it disappeared. How do I get it back? Is it only for one time?
stf - 2012/01/25 12:28
Excellent. Just what I was looking for.
Jonniekeats - 2012/01/21 18:45
very good gadget! two things i would consider though; a snooze feature in which you can choose how long your snoozes last; and a sizing option for the clock itself cos its just not big enough for me! :)
super - 2012/01/19 16:04
Thank You for the gadget! this was I was looking for!
jojo miranda - 2012/01/12 15:33
nice gadget... very useful
Jer - 2012/01/05 00:03
I like the simple look of the alarm clock but I really wish the ability of scheduling alarm for a week or 2 in the future.
Augustine - 2012/01/02 08:36
why cannot open 24hours but i like it
Matt F. - 2011/12/28 21:57
I had this gadget on my laptop and wanted to put it on my PC but it isn't available on MS's web site anymore (Booo! Microsoft). Thank you for making it available here on youyrs.
Best Regards Matt
Yohanne Alemayehu - 2011/12/28 09:10
It is not exactly waht I was looking for I wish it has the future of making alarm every like 30 minutes or every hours automatically and should be saved to be working daily. For example I need to stretch my body every 30 minutes. please add this future and rehost it again

Edward J Adams - 2012/01/10 04:28
I agree with Yohanne. I want a clock with alarms that I can set for every hour of every day between 10:00 and 22:00. Would also like to be able to pick the sound and volume of the alarm.
johnson987654321 - 2012/02/24 05:00
I also would like it to be able to set an alarm based on a certain amount of time passing i.e. every 5 min/10min/15min/etc .
rijk - 2011/12/26 13:18
Really a 'must have' gadget! Now i'll never forget to check the oven when I'm at work on my pc :) Thanks!!!
Hélène - 2011/12/19 14:56
Avant, j'avais la pendule en couleur verte, maintenant elle est en rouge.
Comment puis-je récupérer la couleur verte.
Critt - 2011/12/18 04:33
Perfect! One of the best gagdgets ever.
Byron - 2011/12/07 13:04
I like the alarm and it comes in very handy for me as well. Would like to second (or 45th) the comment that a weekday option would round out this gadget nicely. When I get up on the weekends, I find my screens have been wiating on me since 4:50 am because I forget to shut it off on Friday. Either way, Thanks for making the alarm.
LMC - 2011/12/07 00:57

Nuf said.
J.W. - 2011/12/02 21:42
Nice little gadget. Not sure if requested before, but additional option on the alarm to select days of the week, or at least M-F only would be cool. Thx.
kind - 2011/12/02 20:50
Love the alarm..with one problem
I run windows 7; I play world of warcraft in window mode 'full screen'. in order to get to the alarm to shut it off during game play, i'd have to use the desktop shortcuts (winkey+d) ..

doing so..the alarm itself disappears too
V Krishnan - 2011/11/29 04:24
Its good but could do with A more coustom or standard colour options
Jamie M. - 2011/12/28 02:44
The colour options sucks. Give us the ability to set the background and font colour individually and it'd be great. Also have the option to set the background to "transparent" and adjust the font/gadget size (there is way too much wasted space in it currently).

-Jamie M.
Dell466 - 2011/11/27 20:01
gadget works, but even with sound turned up to 100% it is still almost untectable
Maahes - 2011/11/20 16:54
Not sure if it's something on my end or not but the entire panel where the clock should be is just plaine white, no numbers no backscreen just a white rectangular block where the gadget should be.
Pamela - 2011/11/08 11:38
It looks and works just like the regular clock from Windows 7. There doesn't seem to be a way to set an alarm. I wanted one of the digital clocks that I could leave on the desktop and use each morning. Very disappointed.
Misty - 2011/11/23 15:27
It does work...i have tried it and it worked...it\'s pretty good
darko105 - 2011/11/19 15:09
@Pamela,i dont get you,this alarm works,click on it and have it set to the time you want,plus you can determine what sound to play for your alarm
daxyireh - 2011/11/19 06:17
You CAN set it as an Alarm Clock. I\'m using it as such. Just left click on it and enter the time. I suppose you went to settings, that\'s where I looked at first too.
astaloz - 2011/11/07 09:55
Superb!! Thanks so much! Nice look, Alarm, with diff colors and etc!
great work!!!
ódio - 2011/11/06 23:51
great gadget, isn't? thank you.
Daniel - 2011/10/31 05:33
Here's what would be helpful for me. I would like to be able to set an alert in Gmail Calendar and have your alarm clock as one of the alert options so that an audible alert will ring when I need it to. Thanks.
swt0616 - 2011/10/29 10:46
AWESOME! You should have a G+ share or FB share button right here.
joves - 2011/10/24 01:57
Can you add an alarm for 15 minutes? There's 5, 10, then 20. I tend to do things in 15 minute increments. Thank you.
Venkat - 2011/10/19 10:46
Thanks mate. Works brilliantly.
cpk - 2011/10/13 11:16
Would be great if it shows up a popup when alarm is ringing!
SteveR - 2011/10/03 04:59
I like your alarm a lot. As I am a very busy person with many things to keep track of, I would like your alarm to pop-up a message-box associated with the alarm, to remind me of why the alarm has been set. Thanks.
Teresa - 2011/09/29 11:38
I love this gadget but it stopped working a few months ago after a Windows update changed something or other. Please release a newer version! This is my favorite gadget!
Mansa - 2011/09/28 19:18
looking for a gadget that does not use computer clock, manage its own time or read from internet server.

any help would be appreciated
Depp - 2011/11/22 16:21
Mansa,i have a solution for that,if you want your computer time be synchronize as the internet time.,u can do it,just synch the time.
AJROTCCadet - 2011/09/22 05:08
I've been using this wonderful gadget for a very long time now, however it suddenly stopped working.

It does not save the settings I apply to it and it's color remains black.

Please help, some others seem to have this problem too. :(
sundar - 2011/09/18 20:41
awesome :)
denise - 2011/09/05 15:37
I love it!
stonebear - 2011/09/02 22:49
I really like this gadget but something has happened and now it is all black, no numbers showing. I tried un-installing and re-installing but it didn\'t fix it.
icehousewill - 2011/08/28 00:08
oh its works so well.. thx julien , now i dont miss a thing.. ;-) ..cutos to ya..
torro - 2011/07/24 02:24
Hi guys, i used to use your alarm. but can you do me favor, add new function. also for that function addition tone selection.
i want an alarm that rings every 15 minutes, or 1 hours..depending on time period. but as it will ring 15mins for me, im gonna put soft ticking sound, differ from norm alarm clock, where i put annoying sound to not miss that time.
also if its possible, put some functions as ringing the same time in a day.

im gonna explain why all this are useful.
there are so many stuffs, we have to start doing in excat times, for me its scheduling my website every 30 minutes.
for others to catch stock market opening times, for others, maybe for muslism, worship times...
hope i helped with new ideas..
torro - 2011/07/24 02:24
Hi guys, i used to use your alarm. but can you do me favor, add new function. also for that function addition tone selection.
i want an alarm that rings every 15 minutes, or 1 hours..depending on time period. but as it will ring 15mins for me, im gonna put soft ticking sound, differ from norm alarm clock, where i put annoying sound to not miss that time.
also if its possible, put some functions as ringing the same time in a day.

im gonna explain why all this are useful.
there are so many stuffs, we have to start doing in excat times, for me its scheduling my website every 30 minutes.
for others to catch stock market opening times, for others, maybe for muslism, worship times...
hope i helped with new ideas..
Phil Light - 2011/07/20 15:36
I'm getting the white rectangle now suddenly too - after many months of flawless enjoyment, it is now unusable. No change to my graphics driver. Windows 7 (64 bit) on a high end box.
DJ - 2011/09/18 08:59
All I\'m getting is a white rectangle with the alarm time, in very small text, in the upper right corner of the box.
AlarmClockAdmirer - 2011/07/19 09:41
Thanks for this great alarm clock.
It would be ever better, if the flying objects were shown only in the event of an upcoming alarm...
EM8376655 - 2011/12/08 21:30
I would LOVE the ability to turn of the spinning orb\'s altogether.
Digitalneo - 2011/07/14 16:10
I still refuse to use google desktop because of this alarm. (and because pandora isn\'t for google desktop either).

Love it. I have windows 7 x64
Manuel - 2011/06/24 23:23
Great Gadget!!... the best alarm clock i have tried... i've been using it for over a year... but when i installed ie8 it started to look wrong... it just shows a white rounded square.

hope you can fix this "bug"
Nice Clock - 2011/06/16 21:14
Very nice looking clock and easy to use. Would be nice if you could launch a program upon alarm.
Tachybaptus - 2011/06/12 22:24
Elegant gadget, works nicely, shame it won't remember its settings.

But I managed to change the default sound of the alarm. I wanted to use a .wav file of a big booming bell that I had downloaded, templebell.wav, and not have to select it every time. This is what you do, in Windows 7 or Vista.
First copy templebell.wav (or whatever file you are using) into C:\Windows\Media.
Then go to the AlarmClock folder, at
C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\AlarmClock\Gadget
(AppData is a hidden folder and in the folder window you have to go to Tools -- Folder Options -- View and set the view to include hidden and system files before it will be visible and accessible.)
The gadget is run mainly by a Javascript file called core.js, and this is a text file and can be changed with Notepad.
First make a backup copy of this file in case you ruin the original.
Then right-click on core.js, and choose Edit.
Find the reference to the default sound file, Windows Balloon.wav, and change it to templebell.wav (or whatever the name of your sound file is).
Save the altered copy of core.js.
It will work the next time you use AlarmClock.

I haven't tried this with other types of sound file -- I just replaced one .wav file with another. Experienced users of Javascript script files could probably change other things to suit them. As long as you keep a copy of the original file, you can't do worse than temporarily stopping the gadget from working.
Blonde5467 - 2011/06/10 02:00
Hi I love this gadget the only thing I cant figure out is how to change it from am to pm and vice versa. Any ideas thanks!
Earp - 2011/06/07 10:50
This is great gadget. Easy to use and nice looking
tw39515 - 2011/05/28 18:49
thanks i updated my graphics drivers and fixed the clock being white
yardjockey - 2011/05/25 15:09
I love it .wish i could select more than one song would be nice for a rotation of a play list or internet radio
spudmasher - 2011/05/25 10:01
This has nothing to do with my graphic drivers. My system just upgraded to Service Pack 1 for Win7x64, ever since than it's been white. This prog needs to be upgraded to reflect that, please. I love this prog, it was accurate and used everyday to get my kids up from bed on time, plus the color options were nice to have as well. Please look into this, I know I won't be the only one out there happy to have it back.
alexis - 2011/05/20 16:54
I miss my timer! It hasn't been working for a few weeks, and it looks like many others are seeing the same issues. My problems started after Microsoft did a major system update.

Any chance there will be a "new and improved" version available in the near future? I haven't found any other timers that work half as well as this one.
couTRUNK - 2011/05/13 22:39
my gadget is just all white and will not let me select a time or anything? When I go to options it says "updates and other available objects are here" But it says I have the newest version?
Julien MANICI - 2011/05/15 16:08
this problem happens when your graphic card drivers are buggy.
Windows sidebar uses some kind of hardware acceleration to provide some visual effects used in this gadget. When the hardware acceleration is broken, this gadget is broken.

Try to upgrade to a newer graphic driver, or revert to an older driver.

It happened to me on an HP TM2 tablet pc after installing a driver coming from windows update. After reverting to the default windows 7 graphic driver for my radeon IGP, the problem was solved.
Danny - 2011/04/22 03:19
My alarm clock gadget suddenly turned all white too. Windows 7 64 bit.
Antoni - 2011/05/11 16:59
My alarm turned all white too
CzarInCali - 2011/04/18 22:59
Dude, this thing rocks! Has worked flawlessly for me on W7x64ult.
Many thanks to you for this gadget.And it has saved my butt from being late more times than I can count.

my one request:
You need a donate button.:)
Cole Thornton - 2011/04/16 05:43
I like it. It's one of only three I keep. It would be somewhat better (for me) if it would remember the color, am/pm, seconds and especially the "infinite" vs other chime settings value.In any case, I'll keep it around.

-- CT
WilliamAT - 2011/04/05 11:40
Great gadget - but suddenly it has started turning into just a white rectangle!
Have tried reinstalling but still smae problem.
Running under W7 64-bit.
Any solution?
bill - 2011/04/04 14:39
white out issue --- I agree with ALL positive comments, thank you too much --
That said, this is the second time this has happened to me but I can't remember how I fixed it the last time.
The gadget displayed is white and blank except for a black dot in upper right. The configuration disappeared and won't stay if I recong it - play file, color, etc.
I reinstalled the gadget, I updated the graphic driver - nothing changed. This HAS worked perfectly for a long time, what to do?????????????? W7 x64
Karen - 2011/05/10 02:19
This has happened to me too, just in the last couple of days it has turned white with this little black dot.
I'm using Windows Vista SP2 32Bit.
How to fix it, coz i love this gadget!
Mother - 2011/03/28 07:18
I like the gadget, but it a gadget not an full application. You should have a donate button here, to help with development. I'd slip some coin.
Talasila - 2011/03/27 04:43

Great job. Working great.
I request you to allow the user to give a name to a timer.Why beacause
If we are runnig few instances of your timer how do we know which one is for that particular work. I know about color notification but it is more meaningful if you able to code in such way we can add a name to a timer.

-- Talasila
Mila - 2011/03/16 20:12
Excellent gadget, thanks a lot.

But I think you should follow users' requests below. At least some of them, like possibility to wake up the computer when sleeps or that "snoozing" issue. Imagine how powerful it would be, if you could set up your time to snooze.

Anyway, it's really cool gadget, thought.

MD, Czech Rep.
CARLO - 2011/03/01 20:50
Many thanks !

But...why not a new released... ?

Thes is my prefered gadget... Thanks a lot ,

Jakk - 2011/02/22 22:18
Does not work with Windows 7 SP1. :(
Julien MANICI - 2011/02/23 16:53
I've just installed the Windows 7 SP1, and this gadget still works fine!
JONGKITS - 2011/02/07 08:33
Very great!

1 comment, i can't move the gadget.

JONG/ Philippines
Xakep - 2011/02/01 22:14
This is a very useful thing! More than once I have this alarm clock rescued !...))) Thank you very much from Vova from Ukraine! ;)
Martin Kelly - 2011/01/13 12:07
Hi, its one of thosse simple tools that is a must have. Having read some of the other comments, I reckon that some have mised the point. KISS. Keep it Simple Stupid. I do have 1 small comment, that may be fixable. I am running win 7 and find that gadgets are usually unneccesarry (or however its spelt) for me, but I do need the alarm now and then. The problem I have is that it doesnt remember its settings regarding the alarm. I dont hear the alarm if it only rings a few times so I set it to continually loop. BUT It doesnt remember the settings when I close the gadget and re-open it. Consequently I forget to keep setting that in the options when I re-open it, and miss the odd alarm.
Marcel FRECHIN - 2011/01/12 11:40
GOOD !!!
davec - 2011/01/07 00:28
5 color choices???
CARLO - 2010/12/31 13:26
but on my 1920x1200 display is only a little small ...
twbrkfdillinois - 2010/12/26 17:27
Great gadget! Since you are not going to maintain it anymore, how about making the source available?

dookie - 2010/12/20 00:35
can i leave my laptop in sleep mode or hibernate while the alarm clock is on?
Chris78 - 2010/12/15 10:53
Hello. Thank you for the wonderful gadget. It would be nice, if it was possible, to set several alarms and the weekdays, on which the respective alarms should ring.
Bazgo - 2011/09/27 07:47
Yes, alarms with automatic internet radio on workdays would be even better!
spinninggal - 2010/12/10 22:38
The default Alarm sound is WONDERFUL. I am very sensitive to noise and it's loud enough to hear, but doesn't make me cringe. I actualy LIKE IT. lol... I do wish I could choose black as the color, but not a big deal. Thanks!
mwpool - 2010/11/29 22:46
As far as I am concerned this is still the best digital alarm "gadget" available. It does everything I need for it to do. Thank you for make it available; it is appreciated.
RookiE - 2010/11/27 19:52
I would love if there was an option to display a custom message (which user can type when setting alarm time) when the alarm rings.
solstitius - 2010/11/20 14:13
It seems evident the author of this is going on their laurels as to the fact it has needed updating for quite some time and nothing has been addressed. At the minimum, they could post they are actively working in updates.
Julien MANICI - 2010/11/20 15:47
Yes I'm aware that this gadget is far from perfect, but I'm not developing it anymore since I don't even use it.
I'm working on some other projects now, and I don't have much spare time.
I just keep these gadgets on my site for people who like them, but I don't think I will update them anymore since in Windows 7 gadgets are deprecated.
f4b1o0 - 2010/11/10 18:59
i use window seven and when i'm watching or listening something with some media players (gom,media player classic,wmp) the alarm doesnt work. Pls fix it
FOXBUNNY - 2010/11/09 18:39
Super gadget. S'intalle en un clik. Facile à mettre en oeuvre. Excellent look. Le choix laissé entre une multitude de sonneries d'alarme le rend encore plus sympathique. Dommage qu'il ne soit pas possible de programmer plusieurs alarmes les unes à la suite des autres, au moins deux ou trois serait un plus très pratique. Peut-être au prochain développement. Qui sait! En tous cas un grand bravo au concepteur.
Ted - 2010/11/06 20:38
I have depended on this gadget for some time, but now, afer loading the IE 9 Beta (which cannot be uninstalled, since IE 8 is not officially supported for Win 7), it's not working. Please update ASAP for IE 9, and thank you.
nford - 2010/12/13 00:25
I installed IE9 beta and Alarm Clock kept working, so it must be something else.
Jc - 2010/11/06 03:48
It is perfectttt!!! :D
Robert - 2010/11/04 16:18
I sure would like to see a message that I could put in to remind me what the alarm is for.
Amanda - 2010/10/29 17:19
I love this gadget. One change that I would love to have is a 1 hour "Ring in:". I often use the alarm when I am doing laundry and have to take time to set an hour and minute alarm. But a quick click for 1 hour would be wonderful and a time saver. I rarely use the 1 and 2 minute "Ring in:".
Candy - 2010/10/19 01:06
Nice neat little alarm but I would love to run more than one instance of it and have it pop above windows when the alarm goes off since I keep sound off on my pc. I love that it has a visual indicator.
np - 2010/10/15 07:16
I have been using the Alarm Clock for a few months..it's great..have it on my desktop all the time..love the way the alarm goes off..never has failed..simply put.. IT IS GREAT!!!!
davis - 2010/10/10 06:13
ive been using this for over a year and i love it, however the only feature its missing is waking up the pc from \"sleep\" or \"hibernate\" modes as i can not use this every day due to pc having to stay on all the time.
Camille - 2010/10/08 13:21
J'aime bien ce gagjet. Moi, J'ai windows 7 mais, Le seul désavantage ses, Que sa ne sonne pas fort.
mb - 2010/10/06 15:57
The alarm works well however it has a side effect that prevents a Windows 7 screensaver from starting.

Windows media player causes a similar side effect when you are listening to an internet radio station. This is a simple configuration option in Windows media player, perhaps something similar is needed in the alarm clock?

And as others have said, a nice feature would be to set the alarm volume independently of the system volume.

Rockfang - 2010/10/12 23:15
What version of Windows 7 do you have? Also, have you tried switching screensavers?
Jerry - 2010/09/21 14:10
I use the program daily. I request two changes, for which I would be willing to pay. First, have a sleep function, to that after an alarm activiates a fixed time (or perhaps variable but that takes more programming), like 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes it reactivates. This can be done now on the preset screen, but it requires the resetting of the basic alarm. Second, if possible, that the alarm activates if the alarm time has passed when the computer was off, sleeping, etc. Thank you. Great program.
Sean - 2010/09/20 04:48
I love this app ... I was wondering if you ever considered either mod'ing the existing widget or creating a seperate widget that would allow a user to set an amount time that iTunes will continue playing before stopping?
Twirp - 2010/08/30 03:31
I think it would be cool if we could choose our own color for the clock instead of the preloaded colors.

Chiknarise - 2010/09/20 11:58
Same as Twirp. I would like dark purple/violet myself to match my win7 desktop theme. ;)
Cindy - 2010/07/30 01:08
I am not sure if this is an issue with my computer graphics or with your gadget. Each of the corners of the display has a red dot. Not a big deal but I find it annoying. I have tried all the colors and it is there with all of them. I had a clock like this (don't remember if it was yours or not) before and the dots weren't there.
leslie - 2010/07/18 19:34
when I go to set the alarm, another window pops out but not opening all the way where you set the time to go off. My laptop is new with windows 7
someonenone - 2010/07/14 09:01
so you know, your app is simple, has a small footprint and does what it needs to, great job. port it over to ubuntu and you'll have a fan for life. thank you much!
Jimbo - 2010/07/14 02:59
Also, now that I've used it for a while there are two little tweaks. Firstly a volume control would be great, because often the alarms are far too quiet, so I end up having to set one of my louder MP3's so I can hear it. This is mainly if I am playing a noisy game and I have the alarm set in the background.

Secondly, it constantly defaults to some kind of sound for the alarm, a baloons.wav or something like that. I think it finds it in the windows folder. I wish it would remember whatever it was last set to, so I don't have to keep setting it.

Again, I would pay for this if you could add these little tweaks.
piers - 2010/06/29 11:43
I downloaded the alarm clock today - all seems to work fine, looks good EXCEPT that it keeps dissappearing from the desktop; I have to keep re-loading it from the Gadgets list on Windows 7

It's not much use of it's not visible!!
MaD - 2010/06/25 18:09
Please add Timezone functionality..
mememememem - 2010/06/17 22:41
can someone help me ??
i use thisGadget from last year and for 20days it stop with working :@:@
I install new verzion even this one , but stil nothing i have black color and no settings are keept... is like is not working at all !!!! I have use of it and i need it back .
I have Windows 7 Ultimate,,
Pls help meeeee...
PamCampbell - 2010/06/02 20:42
Hi I sent a reply about 5min ago saying I couln't figure out how to set alarm clock.well it's been awile since I added any gadgets and I forgot I need to restart my computer for things to work right.So I reset and the alarm clock seems to be working just fine,I really like it .Thank you-sorry about the first reply
PamCampbell - 2010/06/02 20:34
hi well i love the look but I can't figure out how to set the alarm,it has color choice,sound choice and seconds choice but I don't see alarm time choice thank you
kris22170 - 2010/07/11 17:37
double clic sur la pendule et les Règle heures à ta convenance . Si tu que tu Peux musique des same changeur de la sonnerie .
drpeterkim - 2010/05/25 01:54
thank you...
i forgot to bring the alarm clock for a business trip... but i always take notebook with me...
now i dont have to worry about getting up late..
Keith in Canada - 2010/05/25 00:44
Best free alarm clock I've tried ever -- and I've tried a dozen of them over the years. I like how easy it is to set, with the quick access 1,2,5,10,20,30 plus the digit pull-down lists.

It is working great for me in Windows 7 (64 bit with all MS's standard windows updates).

I really wish there was a tray icon for it, but probably MS's rules for gadgets prevent that.

Nice to haves would be (1) day of week and month of year along the bottom (combining clock, alarm, and calender gadgets into one), (2) ability to remember multiple alarm settings, and (3) double size high contrast skin for middle-aged eyes.

But like I said at the beginning, this is the best free alarm clock I've tried ever. You do good work Julien.
xl - 2010/05/22 17:40
thanks for this awesome gadget, I use it alot and love it :)
Is there any possibility that the gadget remembers the setting \"play the sound\" so I don\'t have to switch to infinitely manually every time a activate the gadget.
cfvvv - 2010/05/10 20:53
mon nouveau reveil ^^ genial
Stormbow - 2010/05/10 20:03
Excellent gadget! Any chance of a Black background and [insert text color of choice here] color release?
Stormbow - 2010/05/10 20:20
Found the gadget in

C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets

for Windows 7 64 bit.
Ding dong... - 2010/04/24 22:02
Very nice program indeed, except that once every 15 mins it rings, I can\'t seem t find any option to change this. I find it hard to fall asleep with this sound waking me up.
ray_33 - 2010/04/05 09:24
the whole things i like it ^^ great job , but here i have 1 problem i using window 7 , when i set an alarm and when it start to ring at the time i set then i click the win 7 showdesktop at right bottom side of my taskbar other gadgets still appear but the alarm gadgets disapear , i was thinking can u fix that ? make it still show up like other gadgets when i click taskbar showdesktop. thx~
Curt - 2010/03/25 07:14
The download has quit working. I've checked over the coarse of a week and a half. I've used this clock before and loved it. When will it be available again?
Julien MANICI - 2010/03/25 14:23
I just tested, the download works fine from windows live gallery.
Chuck - 2010/03/17 04:28
Travis13th - 2010/03/08 15:19
Use AIMP2 Player,its super light, start playing loud music like metallica for sure u'll be awaken at given time.. : >
Mike_K - 2010/03/04 05:12

Great program, the simple features are great, but 1 complaint. When I select an alarm time and custom sound, I have found that closing the apps and reopening it causes the sound file and time to default back to their originals. Is there any way I can keep my custom sound file after closing/reopening the program without having to select it again every time I open? If not, I think it would be a simple but effective addition.

Rob52 - 2010/02/27 05:03
I've come to depend on your alarm clock gadget, but since I updated from Vista to Windows 7, I've had a glitch with it that can be rather annoying. Usually, I use it to remind me to take medication, but when it goes off, I click the Show Desktop button to access it to turn it off (since Windows 7 doesn't include an actual sidebar/sidebar icon. While the alarm clock shows when I mouseover the Show Desktop button to preview it, the clock vanishes when I click the Show Desktop button. Only right-clicking the desktop, and selecting "Gadgets" causes it to reappear. Is there any way you could work on that glitch, please?
Andreas - 2010/03/01 14:10
User Windows + G to show the gadgets. Might work better.
Julien MANICI - 2010/02/27 08:21
Unfortunately, I can't do anything about that issue.
Windows 7 decides when the gadgets must be shown and when they must be hidden. I have no control over that.

Windows 7 implementation of the gadget platform is way more buggy than it was on vista (there are a lot of other bugs) :(
Juergen - 2010/03/14 01:39
Why does the gadget disappear when the "show desktop" button in the taskbar is pressed? It is the ONLY gadget that has that behaviour.
Besides that - FANTASTIC. Thank you
Dickery - 2010/02/26 04:01
awsome in fact im using it right now - way to go nice :)
EarlW - 2010/02/14 16:59
It's a great gadget and works fine with Windows 7.
How about adding a remark? So I can remember why I set the alarm ;-)
merci / thanks

Patricia - 2010/02/13 19:31
Simplement parfait - Merely perfect!
Merci - Thank you
Anders - 2010/02/10 23:21
Absolutely Brilliant!!! Thanks =)
nirhiston - 2010/02/03 23:59
well , you need two words :) => Thank you (^.^)
Sergejs - 2010/01/26 01:20
Best alarm clock in the world....Thank you man!!!!
Rob52 - 2010/01/22 05:04
I\'ve come to depend on your alarm clock gadget, but since I updated from Vista to Windows 7, I\'ve had a glitch with it that can be rather annoying. Usually, I use it to remind me to take medication, but when it goes off, I click the Show Desktop button to access it to turn it off (since Windows 7 doesn\'t include an actual sidebar/sidebar icon. While the alarm clock shows when I mouseover the Show Desktop button to preview it, the clock vanishes when I click the Show Desktop button. Only right-clicking the desktop, and selecting \"Gadgets\" causes it to reappear. Is there any way you could work on that glitch, please?
Anne - 2010/01/22 04:02
Thanks for this gadget, it's the only one I really use! :D

It would be nice if you could change the "Ring in" to a custom amount of time, with the option of ringing periodically. Dates would be nice too :)

Again, great gadget, good work!
Xavierj20 - 2009/12/29 01:29
I love this thing. But I do have one suggestion, how about making the "RING IN" setting in the alarm setup just like the "RING AT" where you have a drop down menu instead of set times up to 30 minutes. Would be good to have it were it rings like say every 4 hours for example for those wanting to use it to take meds.
Bruno - 2009/12/12 20:28
Simple, parfaitement fonctionnel, et de bon goût.
Steve - 2009/11/26 03:04
Hello Julien,

I was looking for a simple alarm clock to install on my PC. The new Windows 7 works just fine with this one. I want to thank you for your efforts making this. I will check out the other stuff you have done now. Again thanks allot.
Steve in California
toast - 2009/11/23 04:54
Hey Julien, I just found this fantasic gadget! Great work; however, I'm wondering if:

1) one could set multiple alarms and/or set which days the alarm will go off

2) a system volume setting could be implemented (5% volume set at night wouldn't sound very loud in the morning!) so when it rings, it will sound at a desired volume level

3) a snooze/sleep feature could be implemented

4) more colours!

Other than that, thank you for making this wonderful utility!
Manda - 2009/11/18 10:09
I lost my blackberry and needed a wake up call in the morning this worked perfectly in Windows 7 ultimate. I think I'm going to use this more often. The only change I would make is for it to remember my sound selection and of course a snooze option.
StarGeezer - 2009/11/17 16:27
Disappointed this will not work properly under Windows 7. Just shows a plain white background where the clock should be. A shame, because I've been using this gadget under Vista for over two years now. Please see if you can get it to work under W7. Thanks! :)
Julien MANICI - 2009/11/21 18:05
It works on Windows 7.
I think you graphic driver is the source of the problem: when the 2D hardware acceleration is broken, some features of IE and the sidebar are broken too because they use hardware acceleration.
Try to update your graphic driver. It should work (I had the same issue on my HP tx2 with GPU drivers from windows update)
Adam Tiley - 2009/11/18 02:34
It works perfectly in windows 7 :)
Vincent - 2009/11/14 05:04
Would be nice if you could specify what days of the week the alarm will go off.
renovator - 2011/03/03 05:04
I also would like to have it not ring on the weekend.
aujeanpas - 2009/11/09 02:41
super comme pti réveil. je sui fan !
GM - 2009/11/02 19:02
Love the gadget EXCEPT the rotating flashing lights. They are VERY annoying and dsitracting. I cannot see any way to turn the animation off and just have a nice clock with an alarm feature. MAking the animation optional would be a nice update. Thanks.
Julien MANICI - 2009/11/02 19:34
That's funny, because the rotating flashing lights are why so many people like this gadget ;-)

When the alarm rings, this animation starts. To stop it, click on the gadget.
This animation is not supposed to run indefinitely. It is there only to alert you visually in case you didn't hear the alarm sound.
CJ - 2009/10/28 19:11
How about adding a pop-up window when the alarm goes off as well? A second reminder you need to do somethign in case you volume is muted or very low at the time
Michke - 2009/10/24 17:24
GENIAL, utile et beau !

Comme tout le monde, j\\\'aimerais que l\\\'on puisse régler le volume du réveil autrement qu\\\'en montant le volume de tout WINDOWS.

Merci pour votre boulot.
flamme007 - 2009/10/13 19:53
Vraiment super
blondu - 2009/10/09 22:47
I really like the gadget. The only problem is that it disappears when I chose to show the desktop and then I can't see it any more unless I right-click on the desktop and open the gadgets menu. Can you please fix this?
Befuddled - 2011/05/15 17:33
Definite Bug!!

can confirm clock disappears for me, too, when Show Desktop. Only going right-click>Gadgets will make it reappear.

Need to look into this as users are pointing out!!

thx for your work to date.
neige - 2009/10/05 09:46
j'aimerai pouvoir régler le volume de l'alarme. Autrement gadget hyper pratique.
Steve Freeman - 2009/09/29 17:44
A beautiful alarm clock. EXCEPT:

The volume is barely at a whisper no matter what sound i choose, and i cannot find any control to increase it.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems you need a volume control!

Julien MANICI - 2009/09/29 19:01
try to open Windows Volume Mixer (by clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar).

then, in the Applications list, if a gadget of the sidebar is playing a sound, there should be a volume slider for the sidebar. Verify the sound is not too low by adjusting the slider.
Laura K - 2009/07/23 02:16
I just love my alarm...I have two of them up on my widgets...and I use them both, at the same time...I usually have the orange and the blue...Thank you, them...Oh yeah, I use a steam engined train for the alarm sound..:)
Rosie - 2009/07/10 08:17
the alarm device is just simply good & great: right size,easy to use, fantastic...^_^
love it very very much:>
Is it possible to add more color choices to this device?
support,support & keep up:-)
TziMmys - 2009/07/22 09:00
Since I founf your app, I made it from the first things to be installed on my new installed os. Very good job. I have a question.
How can I use my own minutes? I meen you have 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30. I would like to add 8 and 15. Is it possible? Thank you very much.
VG-Alchemist - 2009/06/28 20:56
You sir have saved my life with this gadget. Keep it up^^
Halyna - 2009/06/04 05:35
Very nice looking, just love it. One request: PLEASE please please make it support custom time zone changes in addition to system clock, all the other world clocks out there are completely hideous! Also love your battery monitor!
Michel - 2009/06/01 12:03
Très pratique ce widget.
Une suggestion pour une prochaine version serait de pouvoir afficher un petit texte lors du déclenchement de l'alarme.
Merci encore.
gepetto13 - 2009/05/26 13:46
tres bien pencer pour ma pars le top serait de pouvoir choisir la radio car il me faut 15 mn pour me lever et toujours la meme musique en boucle pas top
merci et super gadget et bien pratique
Dan - 2009/07/19 21:13
Il suffit de faire un medley et de le placer dans un dossier que tu peux sélectionner pour ton réveil.
C\'est une idée comme une autre non ?
Windows 7 Savy - 2009/05/09 11:59
cool, works flawlessly with windows 7 rc1 build 7100. thanks =)
Julien MANICI - 2009/05/10 01:07
yes, It works with Windows 7 rc1, but there are minor visual bugs (no shadow, gray pixel floating at the bottom right of the gadget) due to bugs in the windows 7 gadget platform. I'm waiting to see if microsoft decides to fix them, otherwise I'll search a workaround.
Tom [None] - 2009/03/09 00:57
Can You add modificication as World, Zone clock?
To add name of zone, and set up time clock according to that time.
Gilles - 2009/03/06 18:40
Ce gadget est beau , utile et bien réalisé.
Il ne lui manque qu'une chose : Pouvoir régler le volume de l'alarme !!
Merci d'y penser
John Hofni - 2009/02/26 22:10
Great gadget. Very stylish and suddle. Looks good in any desktop design.
Can I make more colours on my own?
=:MUSTANG:= - 2009/01/26 03:02
The Reason i love ur clock is because its very tiny..
i have manny imp gadgets that i need thm right on top .. notes etc etc..
and its features are just as complete as one wud require..
lot of ppl have asked u..including myself..
selecting alarms on 5 days of the week ( for both worlds)
ie in U.S U.K sat an sunday are holiday.. in MIDDLE EAST THu and FRI
so that wl keep ur gadget up for the world..
i am from middle east.. so i wud appreciate it if u had this included..

and if u wud also add multiple reminder system with display notification.. but without increasing the display size of ur gadget.. that wud be like.. a pop up window or something..
cause thn the classy look of ur clock wl be faded if its enormous in size
loove ur work... just looved it.. thanks
Diana - 2008/11/27 15:40
Encore un gadget bien pensé ! C'est le problème du programmeur ça, "bien penser".
Ralala j'aimerais bien savoir programmer en C++ ou C#, mais j'ai seulement les idées :D c'est trop dur ;p

Kes - 2008/11/12 23:08
Unfortunately, this won't work at all on my computer. Regardless of what options I select, all I get is a grey rectangle with rounded corners. The old one shown on the default page ( http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.aspx?li=354455a7-0b97-42d7-adb1-09aeebee0c46&bt=1&pl=1 ) works, but only as a basic clock - i.e. I can select the color, whether to show seconds, and the blur intensity, but it won't work as an alarm. The alarm simply does not go off.
Julien MANICI - 2008/11/20 01:01
I heard of some people having problems with this gadget. Unfortunately, I never found a way to reproduce these issues, thus I think the problem lies in other programs interfering with Internet Explorer engine as the sidebar uses the IE rendering engine and javascript engine to display gadget. I suppose something broke IE's javascript engine and causes my gadget not to work, maybe because of the use of DX surface filters.

Sorry for not being able to provide you a solution, but I need access to a computer having this problem to find a way to solve it...

Please note that this page : http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.aspx?li=354455a7-0b97-42d7-adb1-09aeebee0c46&bt=1&pl=1
contains an old version of my gadget but I'm not the one who put it on windows live gallery, someone else did it without my agreement. I wasn't aware of that before I read your message.
Ken T - 2008/10/29 04:16
Great stuff! I used to use Sphere Timer.. but this is better simpler and clean.

I only have 1 issue with it. It uses more CPU than necessary. I have sphere timer running and it takes <1% avg. Alarm Clock >2% avg.

Maybe this can be fixed in the next version. :)

Keep up the great work!
Julien MANICI - 2008/11/05 02:48
My Alarm Clock gadget probably uses more CPU than some other gadgets because of the usage of the Internet Explorer's light and blur surface filters (to color the gadget, and blur the text).

But on my computer, it does not uses as much CPU as 2%!
In fact, on my 2ghz core duo, the sidebar running all my gadgets always uses less than 1% CPU.

Nevertheless, you can make the gadget uses less cpu time by disabling the seconds in the properties, hence it will be graphically updated only one time per minute and will use almost no CPU... but I don't see this as a big issue.
Ewandro - 2008/10/18 04:35
Hey man

Very nice gadget (I use everyday to get my kids at the school bus).

Would be nice to (in order of importance):

1 - be able to choose weekdays (no school weekends :) )
2 - be able to set multple alarms
3 - with multiple alarms be able to use different sound files.


tap52384 - 2008/10/14 10:22
I have to agree; I feel like the "blur" options that were removed, at the very least, need to be put back, as well as an option to choose any possible color for the clock, instead of being limited to just a few.
Demon - 2008/10/10 05:00
Still needs to sling a bucket of water on face. Great Job!!!
Chihi Balsam - 2008/10/06 21:13
good job
David UK - 2008/10/01 19:27
Great app and like noted below I use this a lot when I am away to wake me up. One addition I would love to see is a country label i.e. a label which says UK or Europe etc.I would like to have two or three so I can easily see what the time is in different parts of the world without remembering if Red is US and Blue is UK etc.
German - 2008/09/21 13:54
Hey Dude! Amazing Work!... Nice Style, Everything...

Still... In order to be perfect... Do You know what I would add???


Daily Schedules for the alarm... It is really usefull, because since you have the sidebar at the touch of a click... anyhow, I use it as an Alarm... I mean, this gadget actually is in charge of waking me up every single day. It would be useful to set everyday multiple alarms. Just A thought... Still I love the gadget, keep on the good work!

"Monoco" from Burzaco, Argentina
Arlene - 2008/09/16 22:55
Thanks a heap for this gadget,nice and compact, looks cool and it is just what i was looking for,cheers for this i will keep checking out for more of your gadgets,big cheers.
Ren - 2008/09/07 00:08
Thanks so much. I was looking for just a simple alarm that I could use. I often lose track of time when I'm on my computer. This fits the bill wonderfully and is cute too.
mark - 2008/09/02 03:10
I wish there were a way to turn off the "glass" look of your clock. It's beautiful at first, but I always think there's a glare on my screen, and really would like to turn off the faded half circle that cuts through the top half if possible.
trevor smith - 2008/09/01 09:27
thanx soooooooo much i've been waiting for an alarm clock for my pc 4ever!

Omar - 2008/08/25 19:10
Hi thanks for this wonderful app. I'm about to download and install it on my sidebar. I have a couple of questions though. Can it be set to only go off certain days (weekdays)? and if pc goes to sleep will the alarm still work? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/25 21:47
"Can it be set to only go off certain days (weekdays)?"

No, but that's an idea I could add in a next version.

"and if pc goes to sleep will the alarm still work?"

No, sorry.
Andy - 2008/08/23 17:13
Great! Absolut a great tool!

There is only one thing I'm missing: If you could add a small with the date, like in "kClock", that would be superb!
Everett Ham - 2008/08/22 23:04
Love the gadget except when I try to use any other wav file, it kills the sidebar and I must restart the entire thing. This happens when I just select another file, before it can even be played! I had this trouble intermittently with your previous release but the first release worked perfectly. Is there anything that I can do to assist you in this matter? If so, please drop me an email and I will be glad to help.
Nigel - 2008/08/21 14:15
Would be good to be able to pre-select (enter in) the predetermined 'ring in' times. For instance I need to often have the alarm in 40 minute periods.
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/25 21:56
I'll do something to make the "ring in" section more functional.
Dominic - 2008/08/21 09:28
Fantastic! Looks Great! Runs GREAT!
Caden - 2008/08/20 16:43
nice clock! tnxs! , can you create a add on to it, so it will be able to select different timezones?
robin - 2008/08/11 04:04
sorry about the last comment(Accidentally pressed post), but i install your alarm clock and it is the best one i have tried, but i can't seems to drag and move it, so that normal?
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/11 14:33
As my gadget intercepts the clicks to show a flyout when it is clicked, you cannot move it by dragging it directly.
You can move it by dragging the handle that shows up at the right of the gadget, below the close and the settings button.
Steph - 2008/08/09 13:50
This is a great gadget. I really enjoy it. 8)

I do find that the numbers are a bit blurred and with my vision being far from perfect, I find it troublesome to concentrate and focus on it. Would it be possible to have an option to remove the blur effect?

Thanks and keep up the good work.
Pig - 2008/07/29 22:11
I love the look of your clock, but unfortunately, the alarm popup screen is non-functional; i.e. NONE of the fields are active, so I can't set or adjust any alarm settings, or even click on OK or CANCEL. This is true both of the one I downloaded from your site and also the one that I downloaded from http://vista.gallery.microsoft.com/vista/SideBar.aspx?mkt=en-us
Pig - 2008/07/30 04:36
Additional info: my computer is running Vista Home Premium and IEXp 7.0
Julien MANICI - 2008/07/30 05:00
Weird problem... I think the script of the gadget fails on your computer but I don't know why.

Could you try to open internet explorer options, go to the Advanced tab, and uncheck "Disable script debugging (Internet explorer)" and "Disable script debugging (other)", close IE and the sidebar, and relaunch the sidebar. This will enable script debugging.
Then click on the alarm clock gadget, this will open the popup screen and will probably trigger a script error.

Please send me by email a screenshot of the non functional popup screen and of the error message box (which will show if a script error has occured in the gadget).

Don't forget to re-enable the two checkboxes you unchecked in interet options after that, so that IE will not annoy you at each script error.
civic - 2009/01/29 22:09
I have the same problem, I click the gadget and nothing happens. Followed your procedure on the script debugging check boxes, did not get a dialog box when this happened.

What else would you suggest to go about fixing this?
Kaz (qt101) - 2008/07/28 18:07
Wonderful!!! *****Stars! I really like this Gadget. Thank-U Julien :o)

You've created a very useful/seamless app here, I'm glad I came to your website and downloaded the latest version after reading the reviews on Windows Live Gadgets.

Thanks for creating this alarm clock, it's going to come in handy.
Works as it say's it does. Great! no problems at all :o)

I will keep and eye out for future releases.

Kindest Regards
The Baron - 2008/07/12 20:42
How do you set the actual clock to military time? I only have the option of AM/PM.
Julien MANICI - 2008/07/14 19:20
the military time is used only when your system actually uses military time.

you have to set the current format in regionalization setting to a country which use 24hour time format (i.e france)

I will release an update soon to set the time format you want in the gadget properties.
Rob - 2008/07/02 04:07
Great tool thank you Julien.

It would however be nice to have an option to keep playing the alarm until the gadget is clicked; that would help me get out of bed in the morning :-)
kmerrikh - 2008/06/23 04:08
The alarm clock is a great tool. It is simple, easy to use, and is configurable. What would make it a perfect tool is to have a pop-up window when the alarm is triggered as well. This way, if the speakers are muted, volume turned down, or the use is away from the PC, one can visually see that the alarm has been triggered.
Domenic - 2008/05/06 06:28
I love this gadget. It's by far the best solution out there :-D.

That said, if you want feedback, here are some small tweaks that might be nice...

Under the options, if you choose an Alarm sound with a large filename, the stuff at the bottom of the dialog can no longer be seen---it gets pushed below the edge.

The "Ring in" range is pretty small: I'd much rather have 1, 5, 10, 30, 1 hr, 4 hr than the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 that's there.

The fonts and font sizes don't look native: check out what fonts/etc. Microsoft uses on their gadgets and you should see what I mean.

Finally if you could just make the "Ring at" an actual time control (like you get under Control Panel > Date and Time > Change date and time), that would be awesome. Then people wouldn't need to know the format (HH24:MM:SS), since it would be in the native format of how they've set things up in Vista.


Hope this isn't too much :D. I love the gadget to pieces just as it is, I assure you.
BobC - 2012/05/31 01:56
I put the sounds on a flash drive in folder=Z -- very short address (ie: #J/Z/file.name)

ALSO: use more than one & T.H.I.N.K !!

PJ - 2009/08/11 20:29
What a great gadget. It does exactly what it says it will. A power-nap setting would make it perfect. 90 minutes asleep on the sofa after work would set me up for the evening.
Julien MANICI - 2008/05/06 08:33
Thanks for your feedback

I will update this gadget as soon as possible to fix these issues.

Meanwhile you should make sure you have the latest version (the one on windows live gallery is outdated), it now supports the AM/PM time format for the "Ring at" setting.

I'm glad you like this gadget :)
Remy - 2008/05/01 20:22
The clock is nice. I like the fact that there is an option for the colors. What I cannont figure out is that the clock is called an alarm clock and there is an option to set the alarm tone, but I cannot figure out how to set the alarm. I would also add the day of the week to the clock.
Julien MANICI - 2008/05/01 23:16
To set the alarm, just click on the gadget itself.
If you want to see the day of the week, you should rather use a calendar!
Chris - 2008/08/01 13:27
I really like your alarm clock and thanks for making it go infinite. Only thing I would like would be able to play a folder or at least a list of different mp3s playing at random so I can wake up to a different song every day.
Zeh - 2008/09/06 04:14
Very nice gadget.

Would be able to add support to multiple alarms (each one with a different sound file)?

The previous idea to be able to choose days or at minimum weekdays was great.

What about the ability to play a video (AVI)?

Kathy K - 2009/12/10 18:07
Hey, Julian

I have been looking around for an alarm clock that works with Windows 7-- this seemed to install fine, but at first I thought I was having the problem that some other people seem to be having where it only worked as a clock, and the alarm wasn't going off. I figured out that I can get the alarm to ring, but the problem is that if I want to use the clock to wake up in the morning (I need something loud, and with this I can play music), it doesn't go off. My pc goes into sleep mode if I leave it for the night and I was wondering if you knew a way to enable the clock to ring for mornings. Granted, in the morning when I'm already up, if I grab my computer to go, it'll wake up and start ringing the moment I touch it.
Jimbo - 2010/07/04 03:22
Brilliant gadget, almost as good as the one I used to pay for on Win XP (that sadly no longer works now I\'m on win 7).

The only features missing that I would love to see some day, are as follows (last one is most important):

1) volume fade in - so a loud MP3 doesn\'t blast and give me a heart attack in the morning. If you set the fade in to 5 seconds or so, it can fade in from silence so it doesn\'t shock you.

2) multiple alarms - you can set one to go off and wake you up, and then another one to go off later to remind you to do something before you leave the house for example.

3) Custom message - when the alarm goes off, a message box pops up with text that you typed in, to remind you to do something.

4) Snooze! - being able to set a snooze is really important to me. Also there needs to be a lot of freedom to the time you can set for snoozing. I have an alarm on my iphone that I paid for (and now regret) which only gives up to 30 mins as a snooze option which is useless to me. On the amazing alarm I used to have on XP, I would sometimes wake up and decide that I didn\'t have a good enough sleep, so I would set it to snooze for an hour.

Hope to see these things some day. I would even pay for it if necessary.
Shawn - 2013/04/28 22:34
Thanks much for the gadget. It would be nice if current date is also displayed in the clock (As optional, with formatting if possible).

Shiratora - 2011/03/09 11:05
Yeah, I agree about the 4 important features mentioned that should be added to the already impressive gadget.

Well, you can do these things for the meantime:

1) You can do a fade-in of the song you want to use in mp3 format (or any other supported audio file formats) by editing it in a audio editing software. Adobe Audition is one of the best audio editing softwares out there, but there are other freeware-based softwares like Acoustica Mp3 Audio Mixer (http://www.acoustica.com/mp3-audio-mixer/download.htm) which is easy to use.

2) You can open another instance of Alarm Clock by opening gadgets window and double-click the said gadget. You can open as many Alarm Clock gadgets as you want, and you can even individually set alarm sounds, with one unique alarm sound on each gadget.

What I really want to have it added as a feature on this wonderful gadget is the ability to turn on the PC and sound the alarm (when desktop is fully loaded and ready to use) on the specified time set on the alarm clock gadget. But then, this would be kinda difficult for them to program it. I hope it isn't a problem for them to include that feature.
darko105 - 2011/11/19 15:07
This is great have been struggling with my waking up....at leats now i have something to get me on time,have been missing my appointments and all that,plus you can set it to play infinitely...THANKS